Mindset – A Mind Game

The old adage – Glass half full or half empty is a good example of how your life can be good or worse just by how you look at something as simple as a partially filled glass of water.  Just your mindset can change a bad situation into a good one or vice versa of course.

Lately I’ve been struggling a bit with my job.  Our company is one site of much larger corporation so I work with people who do my exact same job all over the US and other countries.  Which I will admit, is pretty cool.  However, I am the only one in my position of all that I’ve spoken to that doesn’t have her own office (though many people at our site don’t), who is lumped together with the “admin group” or what used to be called the “secretarial pool”.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, I think my biggest frustration is that the powers that be don’t understand my job has evolved from what it once was 15 years ago which was simply typing and distributing documents, to a much more complex and involved position.   Which is great because I love the challenge but it becomes even more of a challenge when the people who don’t understand my job fully make decisions to make it more difficult to do what they request and do my main job.  Not that I am alone by any means.

I have looked out there at what other jobs are available on times when I feel like I have had enough and I’m not really seeing anything that says, “here it is, your dream job”.  Actually, I don’t think I have a dream job except for maybe a writer, one that makes money enough I can stay home and write shuttered away from the world in my creativity.    Then I thought about it this weekend, listing out mentally the pros and cons of my job.  The pros very much outweigh the cons.  So what do I need to do to make myself happier with circumstances that are normally out of my control.

The only answer I am able to come up with is to just change my mindset.  It is the one thing I do have control over.  Just because certain people overlook me or pigeon-hole me into a certain ideal they have created in their head, doesn’t make me less valuable than other people there.  It just makes others short-sighted.   I don’t need to prove anything to them that I haven’t already.  You can’t lead a horse to water so to speak.  I’m full of clichés  for this post.

Does it really matter what they think in the grand scheme of things or that they don’t quite understand the full array of my job duties?  No, not really.  So wouldn’t I be happier if I walk into my work day determined to ignore all those little things that are bugging me that I can’t change?  Simple answer, of course I would.  I am way more than my job.  Outside of work, I barely give these people a fleeting thought.  So adjusting my mindset could make a big difference in my life.  There is no magic job out there.  Only if I create it myself and even then it will have imperfections.

Again, I was worrying about someone else’s opinion of me rather than focusing on what I believe and know about myself which of course makes you miserable.  I am who I am and there is no changing it.  Not that I want to change who I am.  Does it matter if I perform tasks that really aren’t my normal job duty and are viewed by others as menial?  No, I get paid the same.  I don’t really mind doing some of them anyway.  It’s a nice break at times.  If other people feel they are better than me because they don’t do these small tasks, then does that matter at all?  No.  Because my self-worth doesn’t come from whether or not I do the tasks that no one else wants to do.  Does it make me incapable of running my own successful small business? Not at all because I’ve already done it and proven to myself I have talent for business.  I tend to forget all I’ve accomplished in my life.  I may not have an advanced degree but even if I had one, I imagine I would get treated the same.

My mindset should be thus.  I am very fortunate in life.  Fortunate financially, I have a good and flexible job where I work with great people, my kids are healthy, my husband loves me very much and I have a lot of other family and friends that care about me as well.  I can choose  to either make myself miserable or be happy.  I choose happy.


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